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Evolution of computers

2400 BC Abacus: the first known calculator, the abacus, was invented in Babyloni 500 BC Panini: the Indian Mathematician introduces the forerunner to modern formal language theory 300 BC Pingala: invents the binary number system 87 BC Antikythera Mechanism: Built in Rhodes to track movement of the stars 60 AD Heron of Alexandria: invents machines which are able to follow a series of instructions 724 Liang Ling-Can: invents the first fully mechanical clock    1492 Leonardo da Vinci: Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci depict inventions such as flying machines, including…

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Quality standards and accreditation’s within electronics manufacturing

Badges are funny things aren’t they? As children, we learn early on that badges are awarded for all sorts of things – swimming lengths in a pool; tying complicated knots; and joining new clubs. We associate badges with hard work, reward, recognition and a sense of belonging. Often, we are keen to show off our new badges to our friends by proudly sewing them on our towels, displaying them in our windows or pinning them to our clothes. As we progress into the business world these badges, quality standards or…

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